Demonstrator and Prototype Recordings

SEPTEMBER 2020: The consortium partners made a tremendous effort in producing 46 individual recordings of HW/SW demonstrators and prototypes which will be included in the project’s final year solutions to mitigate security, safety and privacy threats to connected and automated vehicles. These demonstrators – produced despite COVID19 restrictions which made access to labs, equipment, colleagues or partner organisations difficult – will be integrated and placed inside automated vehicles who will be confronted with a wide variety of external and internal security and safety threats when dealing with road intersections, rail/road crossings, roundabouts etc. The aim is to demonstrate that these threats can be avoided or mitigated successfully, whilst also maintaining full driver/passenger privacy. The demonstrators will contribute to an increased trust of consumers in connected and automated vehicles. The demonstrators will also support recommendations by SECREDAS to various standardisation boards. Some examples of stand-alone demonstrators are shown here:

Demo videos – integrated ones:

SECREDAS – Demo I Road intersection: Overview of the on-road demonstration site in the Netherlands, vehicle setup, and – as example – an on-board anomaly detection system.
SECREDAS – Demo II Sensor fusion: This recording shows the benefit of fusion of data from in-vehicle sensors and road-side infrastructure. This way, the vehicle can plan its trajectory taking into account even obstacles it does not see (yet) using its own sensors.
SECREDAS – Demo III Connectivity & secure access: This recording highlights a car sharing solution that uses an government issued ID or a driving license to derive data used to access to a rented vehicle.

Attacks or Attack detection/prevention:

SECREDAS – Attacks or attack detection/precention (SecureCarAccess): Estimation of distance using Bluetooth low energy to prevent detect “man-in-the-middle” (repeater attacks).
SECREDAS – attacks or attack detection/prevention (security testing): CAN Anomaly detection – detection of anomalies on CAN bus data.
SECREDAS – attacks or attack detection/prevention (anomaly detection system): Anomaly detection in V2X systems.
SECREDAS – Attacks or attack detection/prevention (security testing tool): Tool to test security showing successful attack on a vehicle.

Driver monitoring (aiming for drowsiness detection):

SECREDAS – Driver Monitoring I: Short one showing integration of non-intrusive sensors to montior the brathing of the driver (camera and a laser)
SECREDAS – Driver Monitoring II: Radar based respiration (breathing) andheart-rate


SECREDAS – SecOC: SECREDAS SecOC (Secure Onboard Communication)
SECREDAS – Biometric driver authentication: Biometric (camera based) driver authentication using facial recognition.
SECREDAS – Security And Privacy Aware Design based on principles: Description of a methodology for Security And Privacy Aware Design based on principles.
SECREDAS – Safety-Security Analysis method: Description of a security-safety analysis methodology.

SECREDAS public deliverables

The SECREDAS project will produce a series of public deliverables which are listed below. These are available via a direct hyperlink as of when produced and approved by the European Commission. SECREDAS Year 2 produced a total of 38 new technical project deliverables. From these, the public deliverables are presented below:

SECREDAS year 2 Stand-alone Demonstrator Recordings

Technical demonstrators from partners now available on SECREDAS Sharepoint site

In the first Annual Review meeting (Glasgow, 2019) we promised the external reviewers that we would present a large number of demonstrators and prototypes at the next annual review (2020). As said in the newsletters, the Annual Review meeting was largely (maybe even fully) virtual which makes it impossible to show the physical demonstrators in action. That is regrettable because it always makes a good impression to see technological results ‘in action’ and it makes it easier for the reviewers to see which/how demonstrators can be connected and integrated. To still meet the challenge, the Project Office requested in April 2020 that partners produce recordings of demonstrators and prototypes that can be used for the Annual Review. We are happy to announce that despite the limitations created by COVID19 and the summer holiday break, already 14 recordings have been produced and uploaded to the SECREDAS Sharepoint site. Many partners have promised to send their recordings by the end of August.