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3) SECREDAS highlighted in panel discussion during 2021 CPDP conference

Date: 27/1/2021

The SECREDAS project featured prominently in a panel discussion during the 2021 GPDP global conference on “Enforcing rights in a changing world”, which was held from 27-29 January 2021. As a world-leading multidisciplinary conference, CPDP offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection.

Co-chaired by SECREDAS partner organisation Several SECREDAS partners were moderators and speakers during the discussion:

  • • Florian Stahl, AVL (and co-moderator of the panel session)
  • • Jean-Loup Dépinay, IDEMIA
  • • Gergely Biczok (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
  • • Franziska Boehm – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, FIZ
  • • Ian Oliver, NOKIA Bell Labs
  • • Juha Röning, University of Oulu

Please use this link to view the panel discussion: HERE.
The PowerPoint presentation with the main talking points is available here:


Date: 20/05/2020

Introduction to Collective Perception: how V2X is setting the scene for autonomous driving.


Learn how Collective Perception supports the automotive industry to bridge the era where non-connected and autonomous cars are on the road simultaneously. When we talk about it, we frequently use the term “the self-driving car” as a singular object – however, the autonomous technology will transform transportation’s nature from individual to cooperative, by allowing the sharing of information, perceptions and intentions between different players, making it possible to solve a traffic situation in a collective way.
V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) is the main enabler of the transformation to Collective Perception.
Collective-perception-in-autonomous-driving-2.jpg In this webinar, András Váradi, Research Director of V2X developer Commsignia, provides an overview of the roadmap on what technologies and solutions are aiding autonomous vehicles to share information about not only themselves, but their surroundings as well, making transportation safer and more sustainable.
His presentation outlines Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 features and introduces Collective Perception Messages as the next big step towards the autonomous vehicle. Váradi also clarifies what kinds of information sharing protocols are available and give an outlook on further technologies that will be based on such shared knowledge, like misbehaviour detection. The webinar will thus also offer a sneak peek into the EU-ECSEL funded “SECREDAS” trial project.

Click the image on the right to view the webinar.
Links: V2X webinar
Commsignia Introduction to Collective Perception PDF


Date: 21/09/2019

Discussing user-needs in ECSEL Key Application Areas.


What are the major Security and Privacy concerns of both users and developers of high-tech automated systems as they become more and more interconnected?

This interactive workshop organized by the ECSEL SECREDAS project, will collect concerns from different stakeholders such as certification bodies, governments, end-users, manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers and discuss directions for future solutions. Several application areas will be addressed among which connected cars, railway, and health systems.

Location: EFECS 2019 Conference Helsinki ( Room will be announced during the EFECS conference. Please check the information boards during the conference.
Link: EFECS Conference 2019 – Helsinki