Privacy Policy

SECREDAS Privacy Statement

Data protection has a high priority for the SECREDAS project consortium (“We”, “Us”, “Our”). We respect your privacy. Therefore we would like to share with you transparent information about how we collect, store and process your personal data.

Responsible for Data Protection

NXP Semiconductors BV, High Tech Campus 60, 5656 AG Eindhoven, operates this website on behalf of the SECREDAS consortium and is jointly together with the partners within SECREDAS CONSORTIUM controllers of this website and any anonymized recording that may be shown below.

Purpose description

The website aims to provide a transparent and complete overview of the research activities that are jointly carried out by the SECREDAS consortium partners. This research takes place at multiple locations across the EU and in the UK. The information presented on this website refers to activities by the consortium during the lifetime of the project and contains a list of public deliverables, activities and publications. In addition, on the website or in the deliverables there will be references to the research that has been carried out by the participating organisations and possibly also referrals to persons directly connected to such a deliverable. In joining the consortium, all partner organisations – after internal checks for which they themselves are responsible – have given consent that such data may appear on the SECREDAS website.

Part of the project concerns live demonstrations of project results. In the context of SECREDAS, such demonstrations may take place on public roads which – to all intents and purposes – have temporarily been closed to the public in accordance with local permits that were acquired prior to each demonstration. During such demonstrations, data is taken on clearly marked SECREDAS research objects. Furthermore, to be able to analyse the data in detail and also to use the demonstration for dissemination & exploitation purposes, such demonstrations on the functioning of the SECREDAS research objects may be recorded.

Recorded data

Any recordings shown on this website, only present what the cameras and sensors of the participating SECREDAS partners in that demonstration were able to record in a public space, such as a road, on that day (or days in case of longer permitted demonstrations). Locations where recordings for the purpose of a demonstration have taken take place, were always appropriately and clearly marked and – where possible – deviations were signposted to allow individuals an alternative route. In all cases, official approval and permits by the responsible public authority were obtained before the demonstration took place. Any SECREDAS research object is/was also clearly marked with signs that indicate that it is a research object and also a link to a website where more information about the SECREDAS project, the individual demonstration and/or any demonstration recording can be found. As in some cases only part of the public space was used for the demonstration, it is possible that users of the remaining public space were – unintentionally – included in some of the recorded data and/or the recording. We emphasize that the SECREDAS consortium partners have no interest in that data and will not use it for any purpose. Where it concerns research data, any identifiable data is fully anonymised before use and the raw data deleted immediately thereafter. Please note that any such data is only processed in systems that are located in the European Economic Area. Data that is not directly relevant for the research is immediately deleted by the SECREDAS partner that is responsible for the data recording.

Where it concerns (video) recordings for dissemination or exploitation purposes, the partners that are responsible for the demonstration (and any third party responsible for the production of such a video) use face and license plate blurring technology to ensure that no personally identifiable features can be recognised. The raw footage will be deleted as soon as the anonymisation process has been completed. Only anonymised video recordings are allowed on the SECREDAS website. However, in the unlikely case  that you still recognise your face or license plate and do not consent to it,  or if you have any questions, please contact the SECREDAS project coordinator. Contact details are set out below.

Some of the data or video recordings are not anonymized; these individuals were/are part of the SECREDAS project and have explicitly given consent. If you provided consent to be part of the recording and you now wish to withdrawal your consent, please contact us. Please bear in mind that withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before your withdrawal. NXP will make sure that for future use the recording is appropriately anonymized by masking or with other means.


For questions regarding the project, anonymization or withdrawal consent please reach out to SECREDAS project coordinator :

NXP has also appointed a Data Protection Officer, if you wish to raise any concern or complaints, please reach out by e-mail: